David Phillips ‘Dream Job’ Resumé

Winston Salem, NC | davelp007@gmail.com

Summary: Seeking full-time or part-time position in motor sports.  Anything which will get me back into the industry, support my habit and help pay the bills!  Please review my experience below.


Honda CT Trail 90 1977 – 1982
– This is what I learned to ride on when I was 11 or 12.
– Had to get on it from the kitchen porch, b/c my feet wouldn’t touch the ground.
– Great first bike, would climb a tree in the extra low gear.
Honda MB5  1983 – 1985
– Got this bike when I turned 16.  It had a 50cc two stroke engine.  
– Was quick but not much more than a moped.
Honda XL200  1984 – 1986
– First experience with an enduro (street – trail) bike.  Rode this bike all through high school.
– Explored every trail within a two hour radius.
– Sold bike when I went to college.  
Honda XL 250  1991 – 1992
– Bought this bike used from an ad in the paper.
– Problems from day one.  Engine blew on the way to Uwharrie National Park.  Sold.
Yamaha XT 350  1991 – 1995
– First real bike after college.
– Lots of power, a little to much for me.
– Crashed it and started thinking about things with four wheels
Honda 250 Odyssey  1992- 1995
– This four wheeler was insane!  Chopped and modified.
– 250cc, two stroke, was a bat out of hell.
– Cranked it one time, it revved up, took off across the yard (without me in it) and smashed into a tree!
Honda 350 Odyssey  1992 – 1995
– Even more insane than the Odyssey 250.
– 350cc, two stroke, independent suspension.
– Had full safety harness and roll cage.
– Centrifugal clutch, no gears, just hit the gas and hold on!
– This quad would climb any hill, cross any creek and sling mud 100 ft.
– This was the most fun land machine I have ever owned!
Kawasaki 750 SS Jet Ski  1992 – 1996
– First venture into water sports.
– Crazy fast on the water.  
– You could soar 20 – 30 feet off a wave. The landing was smooth like jumping into a feather bed.
Sea Doo Challenger  1996 – 2000
– This boat was like the Odyssey on water.  Twin 750cc engines.
– Incredibly fast. Would literally go 65 mph on the water and turn on a dime.
– Tried it one time, almost knocked a friend and myself out and broke a few ribs in the process.
Yamaha 750 Super Jet  2002 – present
– Stand Up Jet Ski, two cylinder 750cc.  
– Very fast and maneuverable.
– A weeks worth of gym time in 10 minutes. 
– Still trying to learn how to submerge it.
Honda Ruckus  2004 – 2006
– Neat little bike.  Bought it to ride around downtown.
– Didn’t ride it much, so I sold it.
Honda CT Trail 90  2002 – present
– 1975 Collectors Bike, ride it once or twice a year.
– Helps me remember the good ol’ days!


School of hard knocks.  Major: Scar tissue.

Really feeling the pain now that I am getting older.


Motor sports, but things with a full safety harness and roll cage.  I see a Polaris Razor in my future 🙂
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