Resumé design Tips / FAQs

What are the Components of a NiceResumé?

Contact Information – List your full name, address, phone number, email address and web url (if you have one) at the top of the page.  Remember, this resumé is hosted on the internet. Do not include any information that you don’t want the world to see.

Objective – Summarize in two or three sentences what position you are looking for, any specific education or experience you have that would relate to or help you perform this job, how you would like to benefit from this type of job and how the company can benefit from you.

Experience – In chronological order list three or four companies you have worked for that relate to what you have described in your objective. List others if you do not have any experience that relates to your objective. Include company name, dates,  and briefly describe duties & responsibilities. Salary and reason for leaving are optional.

Education – List educational experiences that relate to your objective. Include school name, dates, degrees earned, certifications and extracurricular activities.

List clubs, organizations, interest, hobbies, and other personal information at the bottom. This section is optional.

Cover letters are great. Keep them brief, one page at the most. Do some research and address it to the right person. Do not send generic letters to a group of similar companies.

References – Go ahead and get your reference sheet together so you can send it immediately if requested. Use three or four references who relate to your objective. You should include previous employers, managers, professors. Avoid using friends and family unless they relate to your objective.


How long should my resumé be?

Keep your resume to one page or two at the most. Use 10 or 12 pt type standard font. Bold your headings. Don’t use photographs. Don’t use graphics, smiley faces, etc.  Use a professional email address (not partygirl@email). Check your email regularly and reply promptly.


Your Job Search: 3 important things to do.

1. Research. Spend some time learning about the companies you apply with. Know what they do and know about their products and/or services. Know who you are interviewing with.  Use online resources, libraries, chamber of commerce to learn about prospective employers.

2. Make a positive first impression, on the phone or in person.  When you get a call, BE POSITIVE!! Focus on them.  Ask for an interview.  If you get a voice message or email, respond promptly. When you go on an interview, arrive 10 minutes early. Look sharp! New suit, new hair cut!  Dress appropriately for the company.  Go alone, without family or friends, if possible.

3. Get a Nice Resumé. If you don’t use our services, get one from somewhere or create one yourself. There are literally hundreds of thousands of resources available online. Google it: Resume Services. Visit your library.

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